Meet Golden Crush™: a non-gmo golden cantaloupe. Through conventional breeding and new digital agriculture products, we developed this program for both consumers and growers around the world.

Read more about the key focus areas of the Golden Crush™ program below.

Technology Support

Sensor technology monitors different types of key performance indicators to help growers better visualize their crop data remotely. The sensors can measure soil moisture levels during different stages of the crops growth cycle, and optimize watering cycles for yield, quality, and other important growing benchmarks.

Predictable harvest indicator

While traditional cantaloupes have a white exterior, Golden Crush™ is different. Only a few days before the melon is ripe, the exterior of the melon will begin to transform into a deep golden color. This is called a harvest indicator. Much like you check for ripeness of other products in the store, growers and harvesters pay close attention to when their crops are ready.

Right now, accross the globe, labor shortages make harvesting one of the most important factors of a commercial grower having a profitable season. By providing a clear indicator of ripeness to harvesters in the field, Golden Crush™ is designed to optimize the growers time and efforts while satisfying consumer need at retail.

A Non Ethylene Producer
is so much better

Along with non-gmo disease resistance, Golden Crush™ is a non-ethylene producer. This basically means the melon will not ripen once harvested...keeping it extra sweet and ripe at the store.

Because Golden Crush™ has firmer flesh than traditional cantaloupes, it can also be harvested and packed in bins, further helping the grower save time and money getting the product fresh to the store.

More with less for
growers and the consumer

The reason growers produce Golden Crush™ is the same reason why consumers should enjoy it: it's just better. By leveraging non-chemical, alternative technologies, we can reduce environmental impact while also bringing a consistent, high yielding and sweet tasting cantaloupe melon to market. We hope you will enjoy!